Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More catchup

9/14/09..A quick note..I am soooo busy with customer orders, e-bay and redecorating my 7 almost 8 year old daughter's room, that I really haven't even thought of blogging..I hope everyone out there is hanging in there during these crazy, tough economic times, and may God bless you...This table runner (burgundy, navy and white) is a special order done in shell stitch for a special friend who is giving it to another special friend for Christmas...make sense? Lol, seriously though, it will probably appear at the top of the page somewhere even though I want to paste it HERE! More as soon as I can, with cool afghans coming up in the next few months..

9/15/09..Just a brief note about my crochet class tonight (Simple crochet at BOCES in Liverpool,NY, see my "shows" page for more information)...I was told there would be 8 students and there are 12! We are off to a great start working on a double-stranded potholder already on night #1, I took a vote and the majority wanted to get into a project first before learning new stitches so we did, and it was fantastic. During the day I was crazy with redecorating my littlest one's bedroom before she sees it tomorrow (kind of pre-birthday gift), and working on my usual several crochet projects at once (actually I tamed it down to: an alpaca sweater for myself that is 2/3rd's done, a last dishcloth for a customer, beginning a cute, design it myself as I go along pixie-ish hat for another customer and a few squares for a new bathrobe for the 7 year old.. I just couldn't bring myself to work with anything smaller than an "F" hook today, as there is a gorgeous pair of socks I am doing for anotehr daughter with a "D" hook, but my hands were hurting too much...they won't ALWAYS hurt like this I have to tell myself, and I will work them on another day! God bless everyone in internet, facebook, twitter,and blogger land!

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